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Ohio Power Tool (OPT) is a family-owned business that has operated since 1983. They’ve been hard at work selling, renting, and servicing all major brands of tools and hydraulic equipment. In the last eight years, they’ve tripled in size, and they’re proud of that solid growth. 

OPT’s company motto is, “We can help you find the right tool for the job,” reflecting the company’s commitment to helping solve their customers’ problems.

With that dedication to smart, savvy solutions in mind, Suzanne Amstutz, head of HR at OPT, needed to find the right tool for their employees. They needed a software solution that would help staff members be more efficient so they could better serve their customers.

OPT has been a MS Dynamics GP customer for decades, and while they liked its performance, the usability became an issue as the company grew.

“Dynamics GP is just so cumbersome,” says Amstutz, “and you have to click through so many screens.” The clunky interface was slowing employees down as they worked to quickly process sales orders. 

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