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ATS Traffic supplies traffic signs, intelligent traffic systems, programmable signs (or teletraffic signs), smart city signage, and on-street services, such as setting up safe construction zones. Working with bodies of government comes with plenty of regulatory requirements, which places additional onus on ensuring that orders are accurate.

Until about two years ago, the seven different operating entities of what is now ATS Traffic were operating independently of each other. Bringing so many systems and employees under one umbrella requires an Operational ERP that can roll with the punches and provide each employee with the resources that they need to thrive. 

Beyond the general need for a cohesive Operational ERP for the company, ATS Traffic was on the hunt for a solution that was able to provide them with a thorough Business Process Review (BPR) and some custom software development. They found all that, and more, with SalesPad.

See how, with the help of SalesPad, they were able to bring all 7 entities onto one Operational ERP platform and continue to thrive.


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